Saturday, January 1, 2011

Into the New World Remix = Winner!

Into the New World!

Well the people have chosen, and Into the New World (Remix) by SNSD is the video of which I will learn the choreography for.

I guess this is very fitting song choice for the goal of the year. I am looking forward to this project!

Time to map out monthly goals:

January: Study the videos, break them up into 3 parts. Begin stretching on a daily basis and plan out future workout regimes and diet.

February: Begin working on Part 1. Continue stretching, begin workout and diet.

March: Increase workout and diet if energy is not sufficient.

April: Have Part 1 memorized.

May: Begin working on Part 2. Seperate at first.

June: Summer begins, begin summer activities that help with body movement. Work to combine part 1 and 2.

July: Have Part 2 memorized.

August: Begin working on Part 3. Seperate at first.

September: Colder temperatures. Utilize Steam room, increase water intake. Work to combine parts 1, 2 and 3.

October: Have Part 3 memorized.

November: Work on fluidly combining all 3 points, if time allows, put together a costume inspired by the ITNW concepts.

December: Record and post Dance Cover!

I will probably ask for votes on outfit ideas at a later time. Continue to cheer for me! :D I'm looking forward to this year!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Challenge Update!

I got quite a few suggestions! I have compiled the results and added a poll to the site. Please help vote for a winner! Polls will close the first of January :)
Into the New World (Remix) - Girls Generation

Lucifer - Shinee

Oh - Girl's Generation

Again & Again - 2am

Change - Hyuna

Bad Girl Good Girl - Miss A

Show Show Show - Girl's Generation

Gee - Girl's Generation

Chu - f(x)

Replay - Shinee

NU ABO - f(x)

Breathe - Miss A

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Challenge Preparation #1

As it approaches 2011, it will mark 3 years or so that I've been attempting to lose weight. In fact, in this time, I've only gained it. I am 5 "2 which means I'm not very tall, so being even slightly out of weight becomes very unsightly very fast. However, my appearance aside, I've also just wanted to be healthier. I'm not expecting to suddenly be as energetic as I was in high school, but having asthma, any extra energy is nice :)

I have loved Korean culture for a while. I grew up in a small town, with not a whole lot of money or internet, so I wasn't really able to research it's entertainment, but I researched it's history and found it really engaging. It's been about a year now that I've been completely engrossed in Korean Music. 

What I like about Kpop is that it's really fun music. I don't have to know the lyrics to be energized by the beats and the sounds, and having always liked dance but have never really participated in it, I found the choreography really fun too!

Now, all that background behind, here is my challenge (inspired by a Challenge presented by my friend Chloe): By December of next year, I want to put a dance cover on You Tube of a kpop song chosen by YOU.

I will be accepting nominations for the song and will post the music videos and provide a poll after I get a decent amount of votes.

My goal is too lose about 60 lbs, while I will be dieting, I want the core of my exercise to be focused on learning various choreography while also toning my body.

So here is what I need from you!

1. Encouragement! Staying motivated is the hardest of all, so all the encouragement you can muster will be appreciated :)

2. Nominations for the Choreography video of choice. Please only provide songs with music videos that involve Choreography.

3. Must be kpop :)

I will do my best and update frequently!